Pheasant Aero 1

Pheasant Feather Aero

Real Pheasant feathers embedded in clear acrylic Chrome and 24 K gold plating Parker style refill Comes with a gift box and sleeve


50 Cal Shell Casing Pen

 Once fired 50 Cal shell casing Standard cross refill I can make the tip from any kind of wood or color of acrylic. Just email me with your request Comes with free refill and a leatherette case

Truestone with Gold Veins 22K/Rhodium Plating Rollerball

Truestone with Gold Veins   22K/Rhodium Plating Rollerball Truestone is chrushed stone that is mixed with acrylic Schmidt ceramic rollerball Free refill and Gift box and sleeve. Rollerball or Fountain pen $150

The Best Pens

The best  pens are made from the best materials. These are just some of the materials that I like to use to create a one of a kind writing instrument. If there is a type of wood that you would like, please contact me. I have access to wood from around the world.   .308 Winchester Nickel […]