December 5, 2015


Pen options range from fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint. Each pen is hand-turned by me using the finest quality materials in order to obtain the highest level of craftsmanship in the end product. These pen options allow for a purchase that fits the user, whether it is for personal use or for a gift. Feel free to explore the site to find the handmade pens that suit your needs.  I can make just about any form of pen from the options below.  This list is not exhaustive, I can make pens from almost anything. Or at least try.

Pen Types


Acrylics & Resins

Other Objects

Pen Styles




African Blackwood (Africa)

Afzelia Burl (Africa)

Ash (USA)

Birch (USA, Canada)

Bethlehem Olive (Israel)

Black Palm (India)

Black Walnut (USA, Canada)

Bloodwood (South America)

Bocote (Central America)

Bog Oak (Ireland)

Buckeye Burl (USA)

Canary Wood (Central America)

Cedar (USA)

Chechen (Mexico)

Cherry (USA, Brazil)

Claro Walnut (USA)

Cocobolo (Central America)

Desert Ironwood (USA)

Ebony (Laos)

Eucalyptus (Australia)

Goncalo Alves (South America)

Ipe (Brazil)

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel (USA)

Kauri Pine (New Zealand)

Kingwood (Brazil)

Koa (Hawaii)

Lacewood (Central America)

Lace Sheoak (Australia)

Mahogany (Honduras)

Mallee Burl (Australia)

Maple (USA, Canada)

Masha Curly Birch (Sweden)

Marblewood (South America)

Mesquite (USA)

Narra (Philippines)

Osage Orange (USA)

Oregon Myrtle (USA)

Padauk (West Africa)

Pecan (USA, Mexico)

Purpleheart (Central America)

Redheart (Central America)

Red Oak (USA)

Redwood Burl (USA)

Rosewood (Honduras, Bolivia)

Smoke Tree (Northern Hemisphere)

Snakewood (Central America)

Teak (India)

Thuya Burl (North Africa)

Tulipwood (Brazil)

White Oak (USA)

Yellowheart (Central America)

Zebrawood (Africa)



Mica Pearl

Polyester Resin

Alligator Jawbone

Ammunition Casings

Bird Feathers

Corn Cobs

Deer Antlers

Elk Antler

Pine Cones

Rattle Snake Skin

Bolt Action

Junior Gentleman